Sponsor X: Join The Arrows Team!

Sponsorship packages for the Arrows 
& Bull’s Eye Stadium


Reach 50,000 Stadium Fans & More Digitally!

Get Recognized, Increase Revenue

Studies have shown that our fans don’t just support the Arrows, they also support our sponsors. In Gotham City, everyone is an Arrows fan! And now, Sponsor X has a rare opportunity to not only reach all those fans, but to become part of the Arrows team!


Imagine the exposure you’ll get when your ads are shown in Bull’s Eye Stadium to over 50,000 enthusiastic fans. And don’t forget about all the digital exposure that comes with your support – including a dedicated page, inclusion in game-day emails, and regular shout-outs on Facebook and Twitter!


"As a super fan, it is pretty simple: If your brand supports the Arrows, I’m going to support your brand!”
~ Sports fanatic Bill Board, Gotham City


Sponsor X Premium Support

We’ve put together a few sample packages to show how Sponsor X can support the Arrows. Each package comes with valuable insights and engagement reporting so you can track all the great exposure!

PLATINUM PACKAGE: Get it all with our top-tier package. Includes 10 Big Screen Ads per game, intermission antics, inclusion in every pre-game email, 15 social bumps per game and more! Plus, we'll build you a Sponsor X page, linked  from our website and promoted in all our communications. Only $XXX per game (min 10 games)
GOLD PACKAGE: Make an impact with our Gold Package! Includes 5 Big Screen Ads per game, optional T-Shirt toss, 1 pre-game email per month and 5 social bumps per game. We’ll even include a Sponsor X page, and link to it from our website. Just $XXX per game (min 10 games) 
SILVER PACKAGE: Looking for a smaller investment to test things out? We’ve got package for that! With the Silver Package,  you get to be a part of the Arrows team, on YOUR terms. We’ll include….  $XXX per game (no minimum)
Advanced Reporting for 
Advanced Sponsorship

Detailed Arrows Sponsor Reporting Includes:

  • Per game attendance stats
  • Ads per game by size and placement
  • Pre-Game Email engagement details
  • Sponsor X page statistics including time on page and deep engagement
  • Social reach reports for all posts mentioning Sponsor X
  • Additional statistics and reporting available upon request

Average Seats Sold

per Arrows home game at Bull's Eye Stadium

Email Open Rate

for pre-game emails, ~3x normal email open rates!

Brand Recognition

of game attendees in post-game surveys

“Without our sponsors, we couldn’t do what we do best – and that’s play the game. By becoming a sponsor you allow your favorite athletes to perform at the top of their abilities. And, we love supporting our sponsors! If you have an idea and want to feature a player in your ads, we’d love to help out. And we know that is something the fans really respond to!"

- Ace Quiver, Arrows Captain

Questions about Arrows Sponsorship? We can help!


If you’re not quite ready to sign on the dotted line, and just need a bit more information, we can help! Your personal sponsorship concierge, Guy Salesy, is excited to talk to you about how you can take your brand recognition and ROI to the next level with an Arrows sponsorship.

We’re excited to have you join the Arrows team as a sponsor!


Welcome aboard! We’re excited to have you join the Arrows and Bull’s Eye Stadium as a sponsor. Your personal sponsorship concierge, Chloe S. DaDeal, is standing by to help you put together your sponsorship plan. We can’t wait to see your ads in action!

Curious what a Sponsor X web page might look like? 
Check out a sample here!