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How Fabl Fits within TegX

Content Excellence Accelerated!

TegX is Tegrita’s innovative way of combining organizational change and technology so that growth-minded organizations can achieve their revenue goals. With Fabl and Tegrita, you can quickly transform content into a driver of leads and revenue, maximizing the value of your investment in technology. From a customized implementation process to strategy to execution, we can help you produce highly engaging, data-driven content pages at scale.


"Great software with poor implementation or poor management can detract more value than it creates. This is why Fabl has partnered with Tegrita, one of the best-in-class MarTech implementation and managed service providers operating in 2020” says Taj Forer, Cofounder & CEO of Fabl. When Rolly Keenan, Tegrita's CRO and Mike Geller, Tegrita's CTO/Cofounder, opened a dialogue with us to share their vision for the TegX offering, we immediately identified something unique, something next generation. Simply put much of today's B2B marketing is executed using yesterday's tools and processes. TegX flips this script, bringing together today's marketing realities with tomorrow's tools and processes. Modern brands win by leading, not following and I'm proud to say that Tegrita + Fabl enables B2B marketers to quickly pull into a leader position, leaving competitors in the dust while driving both operating efficiency and conversion lift."

How we support Fabl

We guide your team through implementation, platform management, or strategy development so you can take advantage of Fabl’s benefits FAST.

Implementation: Consider our seasoned team your sidekick for getting up and running with Fabl. We work side-by-side with you and the Fabl team to map out a plan that will make your Fabl implementation a reality. In the end, your team will get industry-best training, not only for using Fabl but for understanding the important role it plays in your bigger content experience strategy.


Ongoing Management: When it comes to managing your Fabl stories it’s all about consistency and scale. We work with you to develop your themes and story templates making sure every little thing that makes you, you is translated in the content experience you provide.  As new stories need to be created, we serve as an extension of your team allowing you to scale without sacrificing quality.


Content Experience Strategy: Fabl isn’t just another tool for building landing pages. Creating immersive content experiences that align to your brand and lead to the desired business outcomes requires thought. We can help you develop a winning content experience strategy and help you determine the best approach to achieve the greatest value from your Fabl stories.

Benefits of Fabl

  • Increase Reach & Engagement: Grow your audience and drive better engagement.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Generate and retain more high quality leads.
  • Workflow Management: Collaboration tools provide teams with real-time communication and detailed versioning history tools for efficient campaign creation.
  • Versatile: Many uses including microsites, landing pages, branded newsrooms and content programs, native advertising and more.
  • Saves Time & Money: No coding required. No developers required. No IT department required. Fabl was built for marketers, plain and simple.

More than 66% of visitors scroll between 50% – 100% of pages built on Fabl

Desktop engagement increases by greater than 130% for pages built on Fabl

Mobile engagement increases by 110%  for pages built on Fabl

"Our work with Fabl surrounds the creative services required in every engaging marketing campaign, creating high-quality, highly engaging content without relying so heavily on outside creative agencies is at the core of why our partnership will make a big impact with clients. Results from organizations that currently leverage the Fabl platform are outstanding, and Tegrita’s dedication to connecting the platform to your overall strategy and operations is exactly what TegX is all about."  


- Rolly Keenan, Chief Revenue Officer of Tegrita

Thinking of adopting Fabl to improve content production?


Let the experts at Tegrita get you started in no time! In addition to customized Fabl setup and training designed to match specific business needs, marketing teams will benefit from content best practices, a review of technical considerations, and advanced tips.  

Ready for even more? Our content gurus will work with you to develop a detailed content strategy and the end-to-end production process.  


Already using Fabl?


Ready to ramp up your content strategy? Tegrita’s Fabl service offers end-to-end support: From strategy to execution. Ask about our 2-day workshop where marketing teams work with Tegrita’s experts to develop a detailed content strategy to guide the content production process. Marketing teams will benefit from a clearly defined strategy, a detailed process, best practices, and advanced tips.

Maximize the value of the Fabl. Work with Tegrita’s experts to transform your content into a primary driver of leads and revenue.