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Advanced machine learning for Oracle Eloqua

How Motiva Fits with TegX

Deliver Better Engagement, Intelligently

TegX is Tegrita’s innovative way of combining organizational change and technology so that growth-minded organizations can achieve their revenue goals. Motiva and Tegrita will help customers harness the power of cutting-edge machine learning and Artificial Intelligence with customized strategies, deep analytical guidance and technical best practices. From a customized implementation process to strategy to execution, Tegrita provides end-to-end support to help digital teams intelligently fine-tune marketing efforts.


"B2B marketing teams are excited about what AI can do for them, but limited by existing tools, data, and expertise. The combination of Motiva AI's ground-breaking machine intelligence and analytics and Tegrita's world class professional services offerings is unbeatable” says David Gutelius, CEO/Cofounder of Motiva. “We're excited to partner with Tegrita as the preferred AI solution for TegX. It's never been easier to create massive impact on email marketing!”

How we support Motiva

The trusted professionals at Tegrita work with your team to achieve next-level results from Motiva AI by providing innovative strategies, deep analytical guidance, and technical best practices.

Implementation & Training: Our seasoned team will get Motiva up and running in a flash! We work side-by-side with you to activate and implement Motiva across your existing campaigns. Then, your team will get industry-best training for using Motiva, so you don’t miss out on a key feature.


Ongoing Management: Make sure you continue to get all the benefits available from using Motiva. Tegrita will provide you with monthly reporting and insights, advanced analytics, and a Motiva strategic usage review. We can even help out with campaign building and execution and a robust channel strategy. 


Multi-Variate Testing and Segmentation Strategy: Jump-start your Motiva journey! Tegrita conducts 2-day workshops where marketing teams work with Tegrita’s experts to develop detailed strategy for multi-variate testing or advanced reporting and segmentation, two popular features of Motiva. Marketing teams will benefit from a clearly defined strategy, a detailed process, best practices, and advanced tips to help your team get the most from your emails. 

Motiva Features: Automation, Optimization, Advanced Reporting

  • Expand Eloqua’s canvas features to optimize campaigns, resulting in increased engagement and conversion.
  • Go beyond A/B with sophisticated Multivariate Testing, including truly randomized subsampling populations through setting up and executing experiments.
  • True Send Time Optimization. Automatically engage at the ideal per contact send time.
  • Get real-time advice & scoring with Subject Line and Pre-Header Analysis
  • Boost response with Frequency Management. Easily control how often contacts receive emails across campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Find new segments with Segmentation Intelligence. Discover new audiences with actionable insights to tweak your targeting, content, and lead generation strategies.
  • Gain deeper insights, faster with Advanced Analytics! Motiva’s automated analysis uncovers the insights marketing leaders need to refine segments and content.

Routine Work

Percent of time marketers spend on routine tasks that could be automated

Do any optimization

Percent of marketers that do any message testing at all

Average upside

Average campaign boost from applying AI

Time Saved

Percentage of time saved on routine work by using AI to augment human teams

"Our work with Motiva drives velocity in decision making for Marketing Executives. Being able to understand, in real-time, which content resonates with audiences can be a game-changer for marketers. And, identifying newly found customer segments in days instead of months can be the new normal. Results from organizations that currently leverage Motiva are outstanding, and Tegrita’s dedication to connecting this cutting-edge technology to both strategy and operations is exactly what our TegX initiative is all about."  


- Rolly Keenan, Chief Revenue Officer of Tegrita

Ready to get serious about testing?


When you’re ready to take your testing to the next level with Motiva, Tegrita can be your secret weapon with end-to-end support! The strategy experts at Tegrita will work with your team to develop a detailed multivariate testing strategy so you can get results from your investment, FAST. Then, our Eloqua gurus can help you get the tests set up in Eloqua, including email development, audience selection, detailed engagement tracking and reporting, all backed by industry leading AI from Motiva. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!!


Send emails at the right time for each record – Driven by AI!


Experience true Send Time Optimization, down to the contact level. Motiva’s machine learning not only optimizes based on past activities, but it also performs controlled experiments to look for even more improvement! When combined with Motiva’s Frequency Management, you can make sure that you don’t pester your contacts with too many emails while hitting the inbox at the time each contact is most likely to engage. Your deliverability and engagement scores will thank you!

Industry leading Artificial Intelligence combined with expert strategy and development. Experience the future of marketing automation!